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South Africa underwater and land photo trip 6th to 20th April 2013

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UK based photojournalist Gavin Parsons is organising an escorted trip with African Space to South Africa in April 2013. The aim is to see and photograph as much as we can while travelling down the east coast and there is an extension available to photograph seven gill sharks, fur seals and great whites in Cape Town as well.


This is a trip designed by a professional photographer to give you opportunities you don't usually get on a general holiday.


The trip will start in Sodwana Bay looking for mantas, whalesharks, dolphins and critters (plus big shoals of snappers), and then head inland for a few days to try and find rare black rhino Diceros bicornis, elephant and some African bush life.


From there we head to Aliwal Shoal to photograph sharks (black tips Carcharhinus limbatus, tigers Galeocerdo cuvier and raggies Carcharias taurus are all found here during the time of the trip). Plus there's a good chance to see Brindle Bass as well.


The optional (but highly recommended) extension takes us to the cool waters of Cape Town, one of Africa's most vibrant cities. Here we will dive in shallow water to find the incredible broadnose seven gill shark Notorynchus cepedianus, plus swim with playful and graceful Cape fur seals Arctocephalus pusillus and finish with a Great White Carcharodon carcharias encounter. All that under the watchful gaze of Table Mountain and surrounded by the sophistication of Cape Town.


We'll have a dedicated driver/guide, plus we'll use some great dive guides including Mark Addison (who gets the BBC into all the right places in SA).


In the evenings there will be workshops (star photography, Photoshop masterclass, plus any ad-hoc ones that may crop up) talks and discussions. The idea is to share as much photographic knowledge as possible.


Full details of the trip are on my website or on African Space's website africanspace.co.uk/diving/sharks-through-a-lens-with-gavin-parsons/

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