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Canon 40D/50D Complete Ikelite Housing (Like New)

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Hey Gang,


The condition of this gear is "like new" and has only been used a couple times. The gear is clean and there are no dome or port scratches.

Everything is in top condition. I'm selling the gear complete, and not in pieces. The setup includes both wide and macro ports for Canon 10-22mm,

Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm and Canon 60mm macro lenses.


Link to photos of items (http://www.pbase.com...t/gear_for_sale)


Complete list of parts in this sale and prices I paid:

-Ikelite Housing Canon 40D/50D $1499

-8" Dome Port (includes Type I/II Gears) $399

-Port Wide Zoom $150

-Port Wide Fisheye $125

-Macro Port $125

-Sync Cord (Dual TTL) $160

-Sync Cord (Dual TTL backup) $160

-Sync Cord (Single TTL)) $100

-Strobe Arm Ball Adapter x 2 $100

-Backup Ikelite Housing O-rings $12

-Total price $2730

-Total price with Tax $2976

-Selling for 30% off my price $2079


Closest to new you will find for a $900 discount!


Shipping is additional.




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Hey rfissling,

I understand your concerns. However, this is a like new rig and has had very little time on it. The absolute truth is, I lost my job and I'm selling this rig to help pay for my mortgage. Sadly (but good for you) this system has sat in my closet inside a travel case, and is not getting any action (thus like new condition!). The other truth is I have a friend that keeps saying, "I want to buy that Ikelite 40D/50D rig from you", but he never closes the deal because he is always off doing something else! That is the truth!


This is just FYI for you: Shooting with the Tokina 10-17mm with the 40D/50D on this rig is awesome! Personally I love wide. However, if you are a macro guy the 60mm Canon lens is also great on the 40D/50D. FYI and if you don't already know.... The Canon 16-35mm lens, which is great when shooting into the blue (sharks sourounded by water for example), but is soft when shooting wide close. This is true on all housings when using the Canon 16-35mm (Let me qualify that: I see the same issue on Subal housings with glass dome ports).


I'm also selling a "Like New" Tokina 10-17mm, Canon 60mm, and Canon 16-35mm if you are interested. I also have a +2 and +4 diopter to help with the edge softness issues when shooting wide close. Same reason... I have three kids and I need to pay the bills. I have not posted those yet, and the discount is not as good becasue lthe lens sell very well. I also have a 40D body that has hardly been used to sell also. The discount on that is very good since the bodies don't hold their value well.


If you need references on me, please contact Backscatter.com (ask for Berkly, Russ, Jim or Sterling) and ask them if I'm a reliable guy. Also contact NCUPS.org and ask the president or vis president the same question. I think you will find that I'm solid, the gear I'm selling is "like new" and solid and you are getting a great deal!


One comment about the photos I have there. I noticed that some of the O-rings go to Ikelite125 strobes, so those would not be included in the sale.


Please ask me anything that you could be concerned with?


Last, I noticed that I forgot to mention shipping would be additonal and based on how you want me to ship it.




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Thank you so much for all of your help in getting me set up. Your expertise certainly added value to this transaction! I cannot wait to try it out.


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