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Nauticam NA-600D-Canon T3i WAM and Super-Macro System For Sale




Nauticam NA-600D Canon T3i Housing-------------------------------------------$ 2,300


Includes: tray and rubberized handles, 2 each-1” ball mounts for

tray handles, Lanyard and housing mount kit ,

w/ 2 additional-1” ball supports for additional focus lights

or lens holders. 4-each 5” Inon lightweight aluminum arms

and clamps. Comes with 2 optical ports installed with

2 optical line connector caps to go to any optical fired

strobe (Nauticam type connectors, doesn’t include optical lines or

connectors to flash. See below for factory Nauticam optical lines for Inon).

It can also be outfitted for electrical sync if desired.

Cost New $ 2,740


Nauticam Macro Port 87 --------------------------------------------------------------$ 990

Includes: Canon 100mm 2.8 USM macro lens, hot shoe mount and ball

and lens focus gear.

Cost New $ 1,144


Nauticam ZEN DP-100-NT 4” Glass Dome, lens & FR-------------------------$ 1,575


Includes: Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye Lens with lens focus ring.

Cost New $ 1,763


Nauticam 20mm Ext. Ring with extras for WAM and Super-Macro-----------$ 590


Includes: Tokina 10-17mm/Kenko TC focus ring,

Kenko 1.4X TELEPLUS PRO 300 TC for wide angle macro.

This creates very sharp wide angle macro (WAM) shots focusing up to the

dome face and also a nice medium wide angle set-up for larger animal/fish

shots when a fish-eye is too wide. It also works well with the

Canon 100mm 2.8 USM for extreme super-macro.

Cost New $ 714


Nauticam 45 Degree Viewfinder. Used one time and under warranty--------$ 875

Cost New $ 950


Canon T3i with 18-55mm IS Lens with UV filter -----------------------------------$ 690


Includes: 18-55mm IS lens, 4 batteries, 2 chargers (one being able to

charge from 110-220, 12V DC from a car or boat so you’re covered

for several dives should adequate charging facilities not be available).

The camera is like new and only used with the Nauticam, so it has low

shutter activations. It comes in factory box with warranty card, manual,

software, strap and all accessories provided in the T3i kit.

Cost New $ 899


iTorch Pro 4 Video/Focus light (seldom used)------------------------------------$ 430


Includes charger and 2 batteries

with 3” YS to 1” Ball arm and Hand Lanyard

Cost New $ 511


Inon Z-240 Type 3 Flash with built in focus light----------------------------------$ 590


Includes: underwater protective cover, spare O-ring kit,

.5 Diffuser with red and blue light filters.

Cost New $ 799


2-Nauticam to Inon Z-240 optical sync cables ------------------------------------$ 150

Cost New $ 200


Think Tank Antidote v. 2.0 Camera Backpack + custom cover pack----------$ 240


Includes waterproof cover and v.2 laptop Acceleration laptop organizer bag. Also included is an additional custom made backpack with large front pocket for your dive book, side pockets for dive computer and mask, plus more. All designed to zip snuggly around the Think Tank bag to hide the expensive looks of a camera bag, but also a good bag to use on the live-a-board to keep the rig in when assembled, etc. You get two bags in the space of one when traveling without advertising you’re expensive camera equipment. The Think Tank is one of the best on the market with a lifetime warranty. The entire system will fit inside this set-up with room to spare for an additional Z-240 (I had 2, but keeping one). It’s approved carry-on size even for the smaller jets.

Cost New $ 299 ($199 for Think Tank and $100 for Custom backpack)


Total New system cost $10, 019 Buy it all for $ 8,200 and get an excellent almost like new WAM and Super-Macro system.


The NA-600D system is the smallest, lightest and most ergonomic of the Nauticam SLR systems. The Canon T3i is a great affordable camera with excellent 18MP resolution and good optical sync with the Inon Z-240. Plus, it shoots some of the best HD video in the industry. The WAM set-up is as good as it gets for wide angle macro using the Tokina 10-17, 20MM extension and Kenko 1.4 TC, There’s sharp focus right up to the small 4” glass dome shooting macro close-ups and the wider environment for interesting perspectives. This combination also gives you a nice mid-range wide angle for larger animals where a fisheye would be too wide. Plus, the 20mm extension and Kenko TC works well with the Canon 100mm 2.8 USM for extreme super-macro. The Nauticam 87 macro port also has 67mm threads for a wide range of diopters, if you want more magnification!)


All gear, with exception of the Z-240 was bought last January, so most of it is still under warranty and in like-new condition. Chris at Nauticam said to include the warranty cards and original billing papers to the new buyer. The Z-240 was purchased 3 years ago and is not under warranty, but is in excellent condition and well taken care of with little use. Most everything was purchased from Ocean Optical Sales. Martin there can verify for me as to the original purchase and all necessary receipts for warranty will accompany all equipment. Both lens were purchased from B&H (Canon macro) and Reef Camera (Tokina 10-17), along with a few other items. Ryan at Reef Photo checked the T3i body to the NA-600D housing to insure prefect operation and can verify the condition of the equipment. All equipment will be shipped in original boxes.


I’ve a 100 percent feedback rating on eBay. If necessary, I can ship in partial shipments and payments if you feel more comfortable. I will also provide account names for both eBay and Paypal and send you a Pdf of all purchase receipts upon request.


Payment must be made by verified Paypal account and shipping address must match any credit card used for the transaction.


All equipment will be professionally packed and insured and shipped from ZIP 85743 for actual cost. Depending on what you, I’ll weigh and calculate costs for you when you provide a Zip or address.


Photos of all equipment, including the custom made back pack, can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/79605275@N00/sets/72157631471303300/


Happy diving


Marshall Colley


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All available equipment has been reduced 10% from original listing.


Email me to see what's still available.


Nauticam 45 degree Viewfinder-SOLD

Inon Z-240-SOLD

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To many items soild to list all.


What's still available:


NA-600D + extras

Inon Z-240

Inon S-2000

Nauticam 20mm locking port extension

FIT +8

Canon T3i camera and 4 batteries/dual chargers

Canon 100mm 2.8 USM Macro Lens


Check individual listings for prices or send an email to below.





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