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Polaroid in on the game now too.

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via: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/18/polaroid-xs7-xs20-xs100-hands-on/



Polaroid may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of adventure-friendly video cams --Contour and GoPro own that space, with Sony now making a heavy push of its own -- but the insta-film maker turned camera manufacturer now has a rugged lineup of its own. First off the assembly line is the XS7, a $69 cam that packs a waterproof housing (rated to 10 meters), 720p video capture and a 2-inch touchscreen. This model is as entry level as they come, and Polaroid reps said to expect to see it in stores like Toys 'R' Us. If you're slightly more serious about image quality, you might opt for the XS20, which packs a "professional" CMOS sensor, 720p shooting, a waterproof housing (20 meters) and a battery that's rated for up to 3 hours of use.


all these adventure lines sure are making for interesting segment in the underwater photo/video line .. GoPro has been a huge hit there is obviously money in there, these don't go quite as deep for the same price, but the demo pic is even attached to a mask so the intended useage is being made fairly obvious.

Just thought it was interesting to see someone else getting into this game. Any chance all of this will help to bring about cheaper prices for entry to an expensive hobby ... maybe they already have !!

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