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FS: Panasonic Lumix LX 3 and corresponding 10Bar housing

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As I bought an Olympus OM-D setup, I am selling my used Panasonic LX3 with its 10Bar housing. It was only used at around 50-60 dives in total.


The LX3 camera offers good optical qualities (Leica 24-60mm f2-f2.8), the RAW file format, macro mode, and HD video capabilities. The camera works perfectly and is in good shape optically (e.g. no scratches on the lens; some minor scratches on the display which I never noticed while using it).


The 10Bar housing is made of aluminium and offers full control to every function of the camera. A flash can be attached via fiber optical cable. Additionally there is flash bulk port for direct wiring, if you prefer. The housing accpets interchangable ports (e.g. a fisheye dome (not included)) and a thread for wet lenses on the standard flat port. It always has worked flawlessly (no floods, no issues) for me. The silver finish of the housing is somewhat peeling of on some spots though which looks a little odd but surely does not affect the functioning of the housing (interestingly, the new 10bar housing are black right from the factory so the manufacturer might have noticed that the silver coating is somewhat lacking in quality).


Besides the offer included the original 10bar transport bag and the optional accessory of an internal strobe diffusor so you can use the internal strobe for close up macro if you don't want to bring an external one.



I paid around 1.100 Euro for this package. I am asking for 470 Euro plus shipping for the entire package. I can provide more close-up pics if you are interested. I am located in Germany and would prefer to send it to somewhere within Europe (but I can send it to anywhere in the world if the buyer accepts the s/h costs). This is a private, non-commercial sell.


Please feel free to contact me for any question you might have.





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