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Advice on saving settings in PS: on reinstall

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I recently did a bonehead move and tried to install Lightroom 4 on my older Mac desktop without reading the readme file that plainly exlains that I needed an OS upgrade for it to work. The installer worked for 30 seconds, errored and then quit.


When I tried to start Photoshop in CS5, I am now consistently getting an error. I tried looking at the error report to figure out what is going wrong, but it is not that intuitive.


My query is how can I repair Photoshop's corrupted files without doing an uninstall/reinstall (assuming that a file or two was corrupted by the attempted Lightroom install)? Or, how to I save my settings? I reckon I just need to put a file on the side that has all of my settings, keywords, etc and then drop it back into the correct directory once I have reinstalled.


Many thanks in advance for your help.



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