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Nikon D700 Body and Aquatica Housing For Sale

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I have upgraded to a D800 system and am offering my D700 system for sale. Included is the camera body only and housing only both in perfect working order. You will need lens(es) of your choice and the appropriate ports, domes and extensions. I would be happy to discuss my full setup, suggest possibilities for you and point you to readily accessible sources for purchase of these additional items.


Nikon D700


Camera is in excellent condition. I purchased it new in 2009 and have well maintained it ever since. I have used the plastic LCD screen protector at all times, so the screen is clear and unmarred. Included in the sale is everything that originally came with the camera, including body cap, monitor cover, battery, battery charger, strap, manual, etc., all in the original retail box. Current retail price new is $2,300.


Aquatica AD700


This housing, made specifically for the D700, is in very good condition. It is equipped with the dual Nikonos bulkhead. The housing has a few isolated, small cosmetic dings but is otherwise in perfect working condition. I purchased it new in 2009. I have faithfully rinsed and lubed it after every dive. I’m guessing it’s been on a little over 200 dives and has never malfunctioned. I had routine service performed by a factory authorized repair center at the beginning of the year. Included are the housing, spare O-ring for the back, Aquatica instruction manual, all in the original retail box. Current retail price new is $3,100.


I will sell both together for $3,500. Shipping and insurance is buyer’s responsibility. I will gladly answer all questions and email larger or other photos.


For samples of what this combo can do, click here.


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I am sweetening my original offer.


I will add to the camera body and housing above an Aquatica macro port (with focusing knob) and neoprene cover at no increase in price. The port is in excellent condition and was purchased from B&H at the same time as the housing:





So, I am offering the Nikon D700, the compatible housing and the macro port all still for $3,500. At current retail prices for the port and cover, that’s more than a $500 price reduction.


Details about the Port


The port is Aquatica model 18426. It is equipped with a focusing knob for manual focusing with an appropriate focusing ring for the lens (not included), but the knob is unnecessary if you prefer to use lenses in autofocus mode. This port is compatible without extension rings with Nikon’s AF-S Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED Macro Autofocus Lens and others. Add an extension (not included), and you can use it with several other lenses, including Nikon’s world famous Micro 105.


The port glass is flawless. I am the original and only owner.


Just add your 60 mm Micro and you’re ready to dive.



OPTION: Nikon’s AF-S Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED Macro Autofocus Lens


Don’t have a 60 mm Micro? OK, I’ll sell mine for $500 additional. It is in mint condition and has been used for only one dive trip. I’ve had it for less than three months. I bought it new from B&H in August, and it is a US market product (i.e., not gray market). Purchase includes lens in the original box with carry bag, lens cap, end cap and lens shade.


Additional Details about the D700 above

  • I am the original and only owner.
  • It is a USA market product (not gray market)
  • I purchased it from B&H
  • It has only 9,961 shutter releases (expected life of 150,000)
  • Used only by me as a hobbyist. I am not a professional.


Additional Details about the Aquatica Housing above

  • I am the original and only owner.
  • I purchased it from B&H


Recap: for $3,500--

  • Nikon D700 body
  • Aquatica housing
  • Aquatica macro port
  • Add a Nikon 60 mm macro lens for an extra $500



Contact me via PM or at my email address, rascolpa at cinci dot rr dot com with any questions or requests for additional photos.


Make me an offer. The worst thing that can happen is that I say no.

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A sale is pending on the housing only. I will post here when the sale is complete or if it is not completed, either way.


The D700 body is still for sale: $1,800, or make an offer.

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I purchased the housing from Rich (phoenix1). He packaged it very well, and shipped immediately and I received in perfect condition exactly as described. It's clear he took meticulous care of his housing, and so I'm sure his d700 is in excellent condition as well. Since purchasing he also shared with me his experiences and advice far beyond what I asked for, which was priceless as I am only starting out in U/W photography. Thank you very much Rich!

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I have a kit for sale with a AD700 in very good condition (9+) if anyone is interested!

Here is the list of what's included in my kit (ideal for nikkor 14mm f2.8):

01 Aquatica Underwater Housing AD700 w/ Double Nikonos Bulkheads for Nikon D700

01 Aquatica Moisture Alarm for Underwater Housings

01 Aquatica 8" Dome Port for All Aquatica Bayonet Style Housing

01 Aquatica 18456 Port Extension Ring for Aquatica Bayonet Style Housings

01 Ikelite Substrobe DS-200 TTL and Manual Digital Strobe - Head Only (Grey) - Rated up to 300'

01 Ikelite Smart Charger

01 Ikelite TTL Adapter for Nikon Cameras in Housings with Nikonos Bulkheads

01 Ikelite Dual TTL Sync Cord for Two (2) Ikelite DS Series Strobes

02 Aquatica TLC Arm Set with 4" Lower and two 8" Middle Sections

02 Aquatica Ball Head Flash Mount Adapter for Ikelite 200

01 Pelican Case 1650 with foam for transportation and shipping

TOTAL US$ 2,599.00 (without shipping or insurance)

This kit is worth US$ 6,200.00 when bought new!

Let me know if you need any other information!


Vini Goulart


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