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RX-100 photos from today

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Hi everyone,


I bought a Sony RX-100 and Nauticam housing a few days ago, as a replacement for my Canon S95 in Ikelite housing.

Here are some shots of a dive(freedive) in the estuary in Perth Western Australia today.

I used a FIX UWL-04 fisheye lens, which had a tiny bit of vignetting, and 2x INON UCL-165M67 for the sea horse, which seemed to have soft corners but was ok in the center.


Photos are Jpg's from the camera, with only minor 'levels' adjustments in Photoshop. I still have to sort out a Raw converter.

I am very impressed with the crazy amount of detail, see the 100% crops.

Flash recharge took noticeably longer than my S95.


Cheers, Xander














New setup: Nauticam and Sony RX-100 by Xander Rood, on Flickr




RX-100 - 100% crop by Xander Rood, on Flickr

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did you use the camera flash or strobe?


you could adjust the flash level in the setting to reduce the flash recharge time....

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I can't find any manual flash setting in the manual unfortunately.


Specifically on the RX100 recycle time, how bad is it?


Check out imaging resources review:




I quote from that (quite good) review:


Flash recycling was a significant shortcoming of the RX100, at 7.2 seconds from a full discharge. While not at all uncommon in small-body cameras with reasonable flash ranges, this is still a significant step down from what enthusiasts are accustomed to with either high-end (and bulky) point & shoots or interchangeable-lens cameras.


How bad is this in reality? I understand that if you have strobes in TTL mimic mode, the camera would not use up it's full power flash. However, I normally use them in pre-flash suppress mode and manual flash settings. I think this would mean maximum power each time, right? Anyone who have tested this yet?




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