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Nikon WP-N1 arrived today

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I'm getting a bit tired of lugging 50 lbs of UW equipment for my Nikon D7000 (Ikelite housing) and ordered a Nikon WP-N1 for a Nikon 1J1. It arrived yesterday and I can report that it appears to be a serious housing, well thought out and constructed well. On top of that, the white looks really nice. Nikon suggests Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobes which connect via fiber optics (I've never used fiber optic connections before). Does anyone have other suggestions for strobes or are the YS-D1 strobes the only choice or best choice?


Fortunately the thread on the front is 67 mm so my Subseas from Reefnet will fit for macro . . .


I will get experience with the housing in a month and have some pictures to post.

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