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The project: Creation of a Navy Warships’ Underwater Park Ocean Revival by sinking four decommissioned Portuguese Navy vessels, 3 miles from Portimão, Portugal.


Yesterday the first 2 ships has been sunk. One corvette with 85 meters long and a patrol ship with 44 meters. They are "divable" already but no penetration is allowed for the moment. Only after being completely stabilized on the seabed, the authorities will allow do dive inside the vessels. More or less 2 weeks expected for stabilization...


The other 2 vessels are being prepared for the sunk that is expected to happen next year. One hydrographic ship with 64 meters and one frigate with 102 meters.


You can learn more from the project on the official web site http://oceanrevival.org/en/


You can watch the sinking of the corvette on the following link http://oceanrevival.org/en/informacao/noticias/item/imersao-oliveira-carmo.html?category_id=16


and the patrol ship on this one http://oceanrevival.org/en/informacao/noticias/item/imersao-zambeze.html?category_id=16



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