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Seacam Setup - Canon 1D Mark III/IV - Seaflash 150, Viewfinders, Ports, Case

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Greetings All,


Up for sale today is my Seacam Setup for a 1D Mark III/IV. It includes the following:


1. Seacam 1D Mark III Housing upgraded to shoot with 1D Mark IV

2. Seaflash 150 + 2 Batteries (for Canon, obviously)

3. S45 Viewfinder

4. S180 Viewfinder

5. Superdome

6. Fisheyeport

7. A flat port - 90mm or 100mm (I have to double check which I have left)

8. Four (4) S6 to S6 cables

9. A variety of secam and ULCS arms and clamps

10. Pelican or Storm Case (buyer's choice)

11. Seacam Focus gear for Canon 100MM Macro

12. Seacam Focus gear for Canon 16-35 F/2.8L II

13. Seacam PVL 25 Extension Adapter

14. Seacam PVL 57.5 Extension Adapter

15. Seacam Wet Diopter 2

16. FIX LED1000DX Light Set with ULCS ball adapter

17. FIX HG20 Light Set

18. Assortment of maintenance pieces, parts, items.


Pictures of the housing can be found here:



I have to pickup the rest of the gear from my father's house before I can post pictures.


This setup includes everything you'd need to start shooting underwater with a 1D Mark III or IV except the camera.


As a bonus, I'd be willing to hand deliver the setup anywhere in the continental US and might even consider delivering it overseas as well.


Price $13,500


Thanks for looking,



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