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Fisheye zoom with converter vs. rectilinear wide zoom on full frame

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Hello everybody who reads this.


I have Canon 5D MkII and S&S housing. Up to now I have been mainly shooting Sigma 15mm fisheye and 17-40 with the 230 acrylic dome. The 17-40 gets sharper at f10, but still has the stretching/smearing in the corners. Now the dome started leaking and needs replacement. I have NOT been happy with the acrylic as well. It almost always gives either reflections or haziness shooting into light. It gets worse with time and after cleaning, acrylic scratches and then works as a "soft focus" filter. I think of buying a glass dome. My rig is already heavi with lights and strobes.The 9" 5lb glass dome will make it a step close to a submarine and will not help travelling either..... Now I discovered that a wide angle zoom can be a fisheye through a combination of fisheye zoom + converter. It seems that the latter may not need a huge dome to perform well.


My question: can anyone share experience or maybe photos comparing a 17-40 (16-35) or other wide angle zoom (Nikon...) in a 8" or 9" dome vs. fisheye zooms like 8-15 Canon or Tokina 10-17 with x 1.4 (x2?) converter in a smaller dome 7". Or any experiences related to this choice: wide rectilinear zoom vs. fisheye zoom with converter.


Another question: which converter will work with Tokina?


Maybe someone is already using this combination and figured out what zoom gear (S&S housing for full frame) can work on either fisheye zoom on a converter.


Many thanks to anyone who can share experiences,


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