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FS: X-TRA 13 CF backup cylinder and regulator

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I have an AquaVit X-TRA backup air supply system for sale. It has a very cleverly designed first stage mounted on a 13 cubic foot pony bottle and a simple octopus 2nd stage.


The tank is connected with a quick-release one-way valve to your main tank's first stage. The first time you fill it (either from your main tank or a separate tank), it fills the pony bottle. From that point on, the pony bottle stays full until you need it. At this point, the pony is a completely independent air supply with it's own regulator.


Of course, you would never need this because you monitor your air closely and never get low on air. But in the event of an emergency, it could prevent an out-of-air situation or a trip to the chamber.


It comes with a nice rubberized bracket for mounting on your main tank and original owners manual.


CAVEAT: The tank needs a VIP and a hydro as they are out of date and the regulator needs a normal overhaul. Do NOT use this kit until these maintenance items are accomplished.


$100 plus shipping for the whole kit.


If you prefer to use your own tank and want to cut down the shipping weight, I'll accept $75 plus shipping for everything except the pony bottle.



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