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Pair of Ike DS-125s, Cords, chargers and charger adapter plugs

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Hi all


Selling my Ike DS-125s. they're a few years old and will easily last a days diving (incl. a night dive using the "spotting" lights). Batteries are NiMH.


2 Rapid chargers with all the plug adapters that shipped from Ikelite originally


Never had an issue with water. have spare battery o-rings. These are completely reliable strobes that have never let me down.... well, only let me down when left turned on and the dozy owner didn't check them! wink.png


One dual (used) sync cord in good working order


One single (brand new) sync cord in good working order


One Dual (used and has a dodgy connector) sync cord. This (i'm 95% sure) has a problem against the bulkhead connector where the cable gets bent. if you play with it it'll fire but best to chop and re-solder connector imo


all sync cords are the blue ringed digital cords.


I'm based in the UK and if possible, would (ideally) like to sell as a pair. I'd be happy to receive £850 ono for the lot but am happy to negotiate smile.png If you would like ONE strobe, let me know and I'll keep a note of your name so if/when another member shows an interest they can both be sold separately.


Happy to send as many pics as you need...


Based in SW London.



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