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Best lights to match the 5D III

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Hey there,


I'm heading down to Perth and sailing up to Bali over a period of 3 months on a private vessel and decided I need to bring my DSLR down under. I've got my 5D III and all the lenses so now I am just looking into housings/arms/lights. I'm opting for a Ikelite housing as I can't afford an aluminum housing and therefore I've been looking at the DS 161 system for lights. Photography is my main focus, but video is obviously there and I might as well utilize it. Is there another light system that operates both as a video light and a strobe with similar power output in the same (or lower) price range that I should be looking at? I can't seem to find much else! The ease of using TTL with the ikelite system is enticing so I am leaning towards a set up with 2 DS 161's.


Let me know if there's a better option that I haven't seen yet,



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