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filming estuary crocs: floating camera jib crane thing

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Hey, guys Im looking to do some filming in the estuaries targeting crocs, barramundi and other animals that primarily live in the mangroves. In alot of the locations I want to film it is unsafe to get into the water so I will be filming from a small boat or kayak. I want to beable to film under the roots from two angles (above water and underwater) and am going to be building what i think is called a jib camera crane. I have no video experience nor am I the best with diy but will be giving it a shot. I have acouple gopro2 cameras lying around so I will be using those, maybe getting a gopro3 but not sure.


Some of the things that Im am trying to do with my device are:

-being able to manipulate the camera from ~20'

-film multiple angles from a single rig and be able to view what the camera sees in live feed from the boat

-be able to "pan" and tilt the underwater camera left and right, up and down (not as important for the above water camera.



The last one is what im am having problems with. My current idea is to use wires and manimpulate the cameras similar to a marionette. This seems rather complicated though.



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