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Ikelite D700-What Lens and Ports?

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Sorry for the short fuse, but I am looking for some quick info on what lens and ports I need for the Nikon D7000 using the 105mm VR for macro and Tokina 10-17mm wide angle. I heard that it depends on the preference for the Dome Port. I was leaning toward the 8 inch Dome Port, but I would like to reduce the cost. Any thoughts on the Precision Dome Port vice the 8 inch Ikelite Dome Port? If I go with the 5 inch Precision, what extensions are required?


Below is what I believe I need, but I want to get some thoughts to see if there is a cheaper way to go.


#5510.35 Flat Assembly ...... $200 (For Nikon 105mm)

#5510.45 Dome Assembly ...... $400 (For Tokina 10-17mm)

#5510.75 1.75" Focus Extension......$175 (For Nikon 105mm)

#5510.11 Super-Wide Angle Port Body....$125 (For Tokina 10-17mm)

#5510.22 Nikon 12-24mm Port Body....$150 (For 105mm)

#6801.70 D7000 Housing.... $1395



Thanks for the help.

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