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Pls send DEPP Complaints to KY Fraud Investigation Dept.

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As some of you may know I have been trying to get paid out from my claim with AWRY (DEPP) for almost 10 months now with no luck. I have since filed a complaint with the Kentucky Department of Insurance - Consumer Protection Division. They have referred it to the Insurance Fraud Investigation Division and it is currently being evaluated to determine if a criminal investigation will be opened.


I am urging anyone with an outstanding claim with AWRY to please forward your complaint to the Fraud Unit. I am hoping that the more info and complaints they have the more likely they will be to open an investigation.


File Number 2012J01784


c/o L. Clark Williams

EMAIL: Clark.Williams@ky.gov


Mailing Address:

909 Leawood Dr., P.O. Box 4050, Frankfort, Kentucky 40604-4050


Telephone: 502-564-1461

Facsimile: 502-564-1464

TTY: 800-648-6056

Toll Free (Kentucky only): 800-595-6053

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