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FS: Panasonic DMC-LX3 + 10bar Housing, Sea & Sea YS-100, Pelican 1450

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I'm selling the below due to lack of use. I am first or second owner of all pieces listed. I have put shipping & payment info at the bottom of this post, and pictures & videos at http://www.monkey.org/~mlis/uw/. Email with interest at emliss at gmail dot com.

Pelican 1450 + variety of inserts: $75
- this has seen plenty of use but is in good working order; shipping options listed below may change due to weight/size.

Ultralight Control Systems parts:
4 x ball adaptors: $15 ea
- 2 sea & sea adaptors
- 2 base "T" groove adaptors
1 x single digital tray: $25
1 x handle (3/8-16 allen wrench bolt): $40

- parts may have wear but are all 100% functional
- strongly prefer to sell as a lot; will have to charge a bit extra (e.g. for padded envelope purchase) if sending out individual pieces/small lots

Sea & Sea YS-110alpha DS-TTL strobe + Nikonos sync cord (pictured ball adaptor not included): $500
- these are in like-new working condition
- see videos at URL above

10bar housing for Panasonic DMC-LX3 WITH camera: $500
- All pieces in very good or like-new and working condition
- Housing and camera both come with original packaging and equipment
- Camera has extra batteries (battery charger not pictured but is included)
- see videos at URL above
The Sea & Sea strobe and LX3 and housing were originally purchased to function as a set and I'm happy to consider a package deal if someone is interested in all three.

I am happy to send additional pictures of any part or answer any questions about them to the best of my ability.

Shipping: Buyer pays; I will calculate estimated shipping charges for interested parties. International or domestic is fine. Carrier is your choice, but I will default to USPS Priority and include insurance and delivery confirmation for all totals over $100. I do not have shipping materials handy for everything so cannot rush anything out the door, but will do my best to send stuff out as quickly as I can and keep you updated with status & tracking info.

All items for sale are located in San Francisco and I can try to arrange a meeting if you wish to see something in person.

Payment: Paypal, paid in full before shipping (or receipt) once the total + shipping is calculated (if I'm wrong about the shipping estimate, I'll eat the extra). If you prefer, we can use escrow.com.


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Is this still available for sale ?


Would you consider selling the 10bar housing by itself ?




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