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+10 Wetdiopter instead of SubSea?

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Here is a pic of the Aquatica +5 and the Subsee +10. The Aquatica +10 is the same size as the +5. The phyiscal size and weight og the Aquatica +10 is smaller than the Subsee. The Aquatica wet lenses come with 67mm thread and a o-ring style connection with the Aquatica lens holder. I personally Don't like the Aquatica wetlens holder and prefer to screw my wetlenses into a holder with 67mm thread as it feels more secure.


My girlfriend ended up taking my Aquatica +10 as she prefers it to her Subsee leaving me the subsee with no way of using it....................lol


I cant not tell you the quality between the two as I rarely shoot macro and I also cant mount the subsee with my Aquatica lens holder.


Regards Mark

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