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Amphibico Rouge housing for the Red Epic/Scarlet

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Here are some pics for the new housing by Amphibico:



Battery mount for Anton Bauer batteries



Camera tray



Right view



Front view without port



Rear view



Right Amphibi-Grip



Left Amphibi-Grip



Right internal view



Left internal view

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Thanks Drew for adding your photos. I will be testing this housing separately from others for the next week or so. I am particularly intrigued with the motors. They are to be fitted on the rails provided. Just side tracking a bit. I have been asked in the past to hook up Heden motors and controllers for other Epic housings so that the director and AC could have a "go" so to speak in pulling focus and watch the shoot live. Most film crew do not dive. I'll just be the person pointing the housing and assist framing UW. I am talking about a pool shoot with two way comm etc.Not out at sea.


This housing has already the motors in. I will try these with the bigger lenses. Master and ultra primes from Arri with long focus throws. The fact that the housing has access to Epic's IO and other menus direct from the handles makes this a really interesting housing for studio environment. In this case a deep pool.


Yes before anyone say that electronic will fail. I would say so could mechanical. Either case I would prepare well if the shoot is critical and have a tech on hand to fix things or learn to do it yourself. With spares and some ways to protect the controls I don't see why electronic housing is less reliable. I have some tricks to share with everyone with electronic control in order to prolong their live in salty environment. More soon. Watch this space. I now have to book a pool for this test.


best regards


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