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Canon 7d Ikelite housing... Trouble switching from video to still

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I've just started shooting with a Canon 7d in an ikelite housing. Mostly I've just been shooting still, but yesterday while on a dive I thought I would give video a shot. I had no problem switching from still to video mode, but when I tried to switch back the lever on the housing wasn't able to flip the switch. On our surface interval I tried and tried to get it to switch back but it wouldn't budge. I eventually had to open my housing and use my finger to switch it back.


Has anyone else had this issue? I'd really like to be able to switch between the two mode while on a dive, but am afraid I'm gonna get stuck in video again. I'm also traveling for an extended period, which means I am not able to ship my housing back to ikelite at this time. Anyone got a quick fix?



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