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Best Offer: Subal ND20 Bundle + Inon strobes + ULCS arms

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I've got a very UNUSED Subal ND20 housing with GS Viewfinder -- and about all the accompanying gear you could want -- for sale.


None of it has EVER been wet (even in a pool). (It's a very long story.) This is all still in the original boxes.


Here's a rough list (if interested, I can send you a scan of the original quotes, which I've cross-checked against the gear on the shelf):


Subal ND20 w/ GS Viewinder list $ 4880

Subal DP-FE2 Fisheye Dome Port $ 1298

Subal FP-FC60 Micro Nikkor 60mm/2.8 Focus Port $ 605

Inon Z-240 Strobes (3 @ $749 each) $ 2247

Sea & Sea Sync cords (3 @ $93.50) $ 280

ULCS 10"x2" Buoyancy Arms (4 @ $67 each) $ 268

ULCS cAC-CSF clamp (4) $ 120

Fisheye Fix Light HG20X $ 419

(spare bulb and battery for above) $ 155

Nikon 60mm 2.8 Macro Lens $ 420

Nikon 16mm f/2.8 fisheye lens $ 799

ULCS AD_IN adapters for Inons (2) $ 50

ULCS AC_H padded handle (2) $ 100

spare housing o-ring $ 24

spare port o ring $ 17

flat port port cover $ 13

rear port cap (2) $ 26

ULCS TR-SC handle bracket for Subal housing (2) $ 44

Dome Cover $ 45

Extension Ring 33/3 $ 135

ULCS DB-05 5" double ball arm (4) $ 192

ULCS AC_CS Clamp, 6mm adapter, & AD-SS adapter $ 76



Total LIST WAS more than $12000


I would like to sell all this to one person and save myself a lot of trips to UPS store.


I'm looking for ONE decent offer for the LOT I can accept.


I am in Austin, Texas (which is one of the reasons this is all pristine. It's too $#@$ far from the ocean.)


Serious offers, please. TIA






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Would you take 1800$ for the lot?

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That seems low to me given other indications of interest I'm getting.

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Note: I think of a decent offer as being $3000 or thereabouts; that Paypal would be part of any equation; and that I'm not crazy about the idea of selling this overseas.


I will throw in a NikonD200 with relatively few clicks on it to close a deal.

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