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Canon error messages and non-crisp pictures

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As long as I've had my setup (7D, Canon 100mm L) I've had ok pictures, but nothing was ever that 1:1 in Lightroom "ooo, crisp" even at f22 anywhere in the frame. In my book, Christmas tree worms are a good thing to check for that or coral heads, things like that.


I read a bunch and pretty much every forum was "you suck as a photographer, don't blame the equipment". So I rolled with that for a while and finally I thought, I'm signed up to spend a week for a dive photography event and I want to have a good time. What should I do about it? Then I learned a) I could have sent my lens in for a look over for free in that first year (besides shipping) and b) well, it's never too late.


I sent in both my body and the lens, since they are a team, and Canon wrote back to me this cryptic message:

Slow shutter release. Error 24, Error 60.


So they are doing something for $200 ... it sounds like my camera body was at fault? I googled a bit on those canon error messages with not a lot of success. Can anyone explain what that means? Should I call them or will they tell me any more when they return it?


I never saw an error message on my camera -- are those obvious? (Again, searching around seems to imply error messages show up on the screen.)


Thanks for any pointers.

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