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FS: Complete Canon G9 Kit w/camera, housings, DS-51 strobe, extras

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Complete Canon/Ikelite Underwater Photography/Video Setup, including Canon G9 camera, two housings, DS-51 strobe and accessories. Perfect lightweight kit for travel. Produces excellent photos and videos.


ASKING $1300


Canon G9 Compact Digital Camera (~$250)


· 12.1 MP, Canon DIGIC III processor, 6x optical zoom (~35-210mm); image stabilization

· From fully automatic to fully manual settings, and everything in between (Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Program, scene modes), even manual focus (great for complete control underwater)

· Underwater white balance works exceptionally well in color correction underwater, with and without strobe

· Movie mode (1024x768, with audio – excellent in capturing underwater sounds)

· RAW mode for extensive post processing and editing

· Exposure bracketing, compensation, multiple flash modes (slow sync, rear curtain sync, flash exposure compensation)

· Bright, detailed 3” LCD screen; multiple view modes for quick exposure checks underwater (histogram, focus check, etc.)

· Two custom settings modes via top dial – allows for quick changes to complete system settings (e.g., one for macro, one for wide)

· Exceptional macro performance – great for underwater small critters

· Extra Canon Lithium ion battery – perfect for spare

· Canon compact charger

· Canon leather case

· Pristine lens; tiny scratches in one corner of screen

· Cosmetic-only case ding (see photo)


Ikelite housing (~$400)

· Allows complete access to ALL camera controls for full flexibility underwater

· Housing uses hot shoe for TTL substrobe control

· Well-maintained, excellent optics

· Two diffusers for use with internal flash

· Additional dual-strobe tray to add a second substrobe


Canon WP-DC21 Housing (~$150)

· More compact housing, great for shallow dives, snorkeling or when you want smaller rig

· Does not support TTL strobe metering

· Ikelite EV controller for strobe usage (~$100)

· Separate smaller Ikelite tray for strobe usage


Ikelite DS-51 Digital TTL Substrobe (~$400)

· Newer model for full TTL compatibility

· Fast recycle time (especially with TTL)

· Perfect size and coverage for macro, portrait and wide angle

· Easy switching between TTL, auto and manual modes underwater

· Coiled TTL sync cord (~$100)

· Runs on 4xAA batteries (recommend NiMH for fastest recycle)


Email for additional photos/questions. I can also supply photos taken with the setup!









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