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Questions on Wet Lens For Canon S90 in Ikelite Housing

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Hey all,

This is my first post here.
First of all, I apologize if my questions have been asked before.
I've tried using the search function here and on other websites, but I can't find any satisfactory answer.
Please point out to me to any relevant thread.

I bought a Canon S90 and Ikelite housing in 2010, but I haven't had much chance to use them. So I am still very new to this.
Recently, I bought an Inon D2000 and I am now planning to buy some wet lenses, macro and WA.

From my readings, I have my eyes on Inon UCL-165M67 and FIX UWL-04.
If you know of better alternatives, please let me know.

My Ikelite housing has a 67mm port, but I'm thinking of getting an adapter ring that will allow AD lenses to be mounted onto my port. Something like this http://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-10-bar-67mm-to-ad-mount-adapter.htm. My main goal is to facilitate easier lens changing underwater.

My questions are:
1. How do I mount a FIX UWL-04 to the now AD port?
2. Will the added distance change the capability of the UCL-165 and the UWL-04?
3. Assuming I use some kind of adapter, do I need to zoom in to avoid vignetting with the UWL-04?
4. Is it worth changing to AD lens? Or should I just stick to M67?
5. Are there better alternatives (in terms of IQ) to UCL-165 and the UWL-04?
My plan is to shoot the wet lens with the current camera for a year or so, before upgrading the camera.
Thank you all. Looking forward to answers.



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1) you need a step up adaptor for m52/m67 to mount the uwl-04 directly on your m67 port, ad port is not necessary.

2) you will somehow need to zoom in the optical lens.

3) zoom in is necessary.

4) since most of the wetlens comes with m67 thread, don't think it is necessery to get an AD port for your case.

5) if you love micro photography, you may get another piece of ucl 165 and stack together with your current ucl165 for closer photography with further distance, if you havent get any closeup lens yet, other alternative would be subsee +10 or +5 which are highly recommended. While for wide angle lens, uwl-04 is good enough for ur camera now. And it's cheaper than you get the other.


All the answers above are based on my personal experience. Hope it helps :)

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