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Interesting Reflection

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Does anyone have advice for those encountering this with compact cameras and wet lenses? Is this an inherent part of using a dome lens of any sort?


I've run into this fairly often using an RX-100iv with a UWL-09f wet wide lens.

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As aready written by many,
this reflection comes either from:
- the sunlight hitting the front of your lens (painting the front of your lens with a black sharpie eliminates this)

I had this with most of my housings(Ikelite, Hugyfot,Nauticam as it depends on the lens, not on the housing.
Compact cameras with big, silver front of the lens are prone for that, my DSLR lenses are doing it less as they are usually all black
- stray light from the internal flash (black gaffer tape helps with that), my 1st housing Ikelite for Fuji E100 had to be taped off to avoid this problem)
- some/all ikelite ports where/are still made of tranparent acrylic material and this let the strobe light sneak in and provokes the reflection) (Gaffer Tape helps but looks cheapo)


You usually should not use any filter on your lens, they create more problems than are helpful.



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Hey everyone - I'm quite new to underwater photography, but not to photography in general.


I just took my new Ikelite housing, along with a Tokina 11-16 lens in an 8" dome port out for a spin yesterday in some pretty silty fresh water. I ended up with some pretty interesting shots, however an interesting occurance resulted in most of my photos. There is a reflection of the front of my lens in almost all of my photos.


After calling Ikelite, I was told that I was shooting at an 'improper angle' to the sun, and that if I correct that, it should be rectified. Although I can see the validity to this, I find it hard to believe that all 66 photos were taken at the same 'improper angle' to the sun.


I've gone through a couple other ideas in my head, and I'm left with only one thing I think may help. So to make a short story long..... Should I remove the UV filter from the lens!?!?!?


Thanks for any advice!

I used to get this all the time with my 8" dome ikelite using a 10-17 and 10-22.

Never found a fix other than permanent marker on the lens writing. I never fully cured it.



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