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For sale a complete SUBAL set for EOS 5D, in good condition, some scratches on the lower part of the housing, but in perfect working condition.


SUBAL housing for EOS 5D 950,- €

WIDE ANGLE 6" DOME PORT* type 3 mount - absolutely LIKE NEW, no scratches! Used only 2-3 times with the 17-40 mm, with neopren cover 400,- €

MACRO PORT 75/3 140,- €

EXTENSION RING 33/3 70,- €

EXTENSION RING 40/3 70,- €

EXTENSION RING 60/3 70,- €

ZOOM RING for CANON 17-40 mm 40,- €


CANON EOS 5D camera in MINT condition 550,- €

CANON 17-40 mm L, like NEW, used only 2-3 times 450,- € (including a 77 mm +4 diopter)


I'm selling this equipment for a friend who don't like wide angle and that's why the dome port and the 17-40 is almost un-used! I have checked the function of the whole set, and it is all in perfect working condition.


The special price for this whole set would be 2500,- €. I will give a few days to try to sell it complete, and after that it will be sold separately.


Any question and pictures by private message or mail to arturotelle@hotmail.com




*this dome port fits for all wide angle lenses (most of them need the corresponding extension rings), but, as it has a long base plate, it fits perfectly for the CANON 8-15 mm fisheye without any extension ring! It will be vignetting with other shorter fisheye lenses, like the 15 mm Sigma or Canon.

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