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Cheap lens for macro/Sigma for Nikon/Aquatica

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Camera closet cleaning time. I have had this lens sitting around for a few years. It is a hacked 28-80 Sigma lens: in other words, it has been modified to shoot macro full time. It works perfectly with the Aquatica focus gear for the Nikon 60mm f2.8D ( #18728) used as a zoom gear in the regular macro port with focus knob: no extension is needed. It is very lightweight, and works really well for those times that you have no idea what you are going to find. I have used it, and the optics are not bad.


If you have an Aquatica housing for Nikon, and want a cheap way to get into macro, let me know. $50 US + shipping. You will of course have to get a gear, unless you want to zoom it to a particular position and just go for it. It will not auto-focus on entry level cameras, so check your manual, or PM me and I can let you know if it will autofocus on your particular camera.







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