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Panasonic LX3, 10 bar housing, wide angle and dome port

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For Sale: $750 Australian Dollars plus shipping

  1. Panasonic LX3 camera, charger, spare battery and accessories
  2. Panasonic leather camera case
  3. Panasonic DMW-LW46 wide angle lens
  4. Panasonic DMW-L4 adapter
  5. 10 bar housing for Panasonic LX3
  6. 10 bar Dome port, shade and neoprene cover
  7. 10 bar Flat port for standard lens
  8. 10 bar soft bag
  9. Boxes and instructions for the LX3 are available
  10. Panda Base plus Rowa optics - 2.0x telephoto, 0.45x Super wide & macro

This is a great little rig. It takes great images and 720p HD video. I have used it with an Inon s2000 strobe and Sea&Sea tray and arm.

The entire rig: camera, housing, strobe, arm tray fits inside the 10 bar bag which fits inside the bottom of my crumpler back pack. Truly portable.


Never flooded. The only reason I am selling this is that I have moved to a mirrorless system.


See attached images of the set up and images taken with the rig.






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Pictures taken with the rig.


In addition to size, the ability to use the full zoom range with the wide angle lens attached inside the dome AND to switch to macro mode are great benefits to this set up.






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Is this still for sale?






Apologies for the delayed response I have just returned from overseas.


Yes the rig is still available. Let me know if you would like further details.





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