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360 panoramic USS Vandenberg video

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It's been just about one year since I shot my first 360 underwater video using my self designed and built HD 360 rig. Since then, I've made some changes to the number of cameras, power management, and control system over the last year to increase the reliability and improve the results.


Here is a 360 I shot on the deck of the USS Vandenberg in June.


Flat Panoramic 360 version on YouTube:


Fully Interactive 360 Videos using Adobe Flash for PC or Mac:

360 Immersive Videos



Note the the original 2 minutes of Vandenberg video at full HD resolution is over 6GB in size. The online 1/3 resolution and bit-rate compressed version is only 65MB.


Let me know what you think.



Brian Dombrowski


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Hey Brian


That is brilliant.


As you using two cameras and coastal optics?


I am working on a 180 deg or more partial sphere footage. So fare 180 deg full circular is no problem.


Thanks for sharing




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