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Hawaii- Snorkel Only

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Hi All

I'm new here and am overwhelmed with information. This is a great community. I am new-ish to underwater, am fully in the snorkeling/free dive camp and have relied on my ewa-marine housing, and been pretty happy with it.

Packing/Gear list

Bodies: 7d, with either 20d or 30d backup



50mm 1.8


I am off to Hawaii last week of Feb, first week of March (likely two full weeks) during prime humpback season. We are staying one week on Oahu, and likely the second week on Hawaii.

We're definitely doing the Kona night Manta trip, and we're looking at other opportunities to fit in.


Anyone done the Kona mantas as a snorkeler? (Camera settings that worked/didn't?)

Any 'must' snorkel spots?

Am also considering a cage dive for galapagos sharks off the north shore to give it a try.

Humpback tours to suggest/avoid?



Thank you for ideas- I know the snorkeling, zip-lock bag using type isn't the usual person on here. We all do what we can with what we have, right?

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New here as well - but did dive and snorkel on Big Island Sept. 2013.

Couple tips I can offer:

Honaunau Bay (aka "Two-steps") for calm, easily accessed waters and good visibilty - lots of fish

Kona night Manta snorkel trips - No freediving permitted - you have to stay at the surface and cling to a raft with many other people, most of whom have no experience nor understanding nor respect for the sealife. Very disappointing and super crowded.

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