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For Sale: Olympus EPL-1 with 10Bar Housing - $899

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Selling an Olympus EPL1 Camera and Underwater Camera Housing by 10Bar Hs-Dc-Op-EPL1. Used but very well maintained. Upgrading to the latest model!


$899 OBO, + shipping, pay using PayPal, will ship via flat rate box with insurance or you can pickup locally in the florida keys.


- Includes EPL-1 camera with 14-44mm lens and 17mm lens
- Includes carrying case, battery, charger, orginal manuals
- Includes semi-dome port that accomodates the Olympus 14-42mm lens or the Olympus 9-18mm lens (gears not included).
- Includes the 17mm flat port that has 67mm threads for wet macro lens
- Includes the 67 mm macro conversion lens
- Includes the 70mm extension ring that can be combined with flat port and macro conversion lens for macro photography
- Includes 67mm macro lens holder available to fit semi-dome port
- Includes 1 pack of spare parts for housing and 3 sets of replacement o-rings
- Includes 3 screw housing mount


This sturdy aluminum housing is specfically made for the Olympus E-PL1, a Micro 4:3 housing with interchangeable lenses, DSLR image quality, focusing speed, and performance. With the full function buttons and control for this incredibly capable camera, now photographers can take professional photos and HD videos underwater with their camera.


The housing is tested to 10 bar (300 ft/90 m). Recommended working pressure is 200 feet / 60 meters. The housing is sealed via double o-ring and keylock system.


Originally purchased at Optical Ocean Sales, see 10Bar housing info on the Optical Ocean Sales website.



Both camera and housing are in very good condition. There is one issue, the 10Bar housing plate was dropped and 2 of the corners are chipped. I've used it on multiple dives since with no issues. Recommended solution is to file down corners. Additionally a replacement cover plate can be purchased if needed.











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I am interested in the housing/camera. I use the PT-EP01 which is complete garbage and would like to upgrade. I was thinking of going Zen WA-100 to fix the port, but this is a more viable option.


To make sure it is suitable, I only have a few questions as I haven't found this info on the net (limited search at work):


- What are the sync cable ports standard? I do not see a port to use the built in flash, so how do I run the set-up with this housing?


- Would you be willing to provide me a picture of the tray mount?


- Lastly, I would like to get a better picture of the tray damage you describe. If you can give me a view of this I would appreciate it.


I currently live in Australia, and would request shipping to Brisbane. However, as this is usually expensive, I have an address in Maryland that this can go to.


Thanks and Best Regards,


Adam King

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