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Edge softness with Zen dome for Olympus 9-18mm?

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I am about to get a Zen dome for my E-PL5 in the Oly housing so I can use the 9-18mm lens. I am wondering if anyone can give practical advice as to whether I may encounter edge softness when using this dome?


This article seems to imply that edge softness may be an issue with mini-domes: http://www.amustard.com/?page=pro&ext=pp_minidomes


I am thinking it may not be such a big deal with MFT due to the smaller sensor size giving greater depth of field compared to full frame cameras. Would it still be advisable to use a smaller aperture for greater DOF if possible?


Has anyone found unacceptable degrees of edge softness with this dome and lens?


I also believe that this dome port will accomodate the 12-50 and 60mm macro lens. Any issue with image quality when using these lenses with the Zen dome?


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