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JVC Picsio GC-FM1 Camera, Ikelite housing, Pro-V8 Lite for sale

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JVC Picsio GC-FM1 Compact Video with Video Light Package
Dive into underwater videography with this incredibly compact and simple to use package. The Compact Video housing is high quality, built to last, and backed by Ikelite's long-standing reputation for excellence. A full line of accessories allows you to really get creative with your underwater video.

All camera controls are fully functional through the housing and depth rated to 200ft (60m). Easy open latch and drop in camera loading make set-up a breeze.

When the sun isn't quite there for you, the Pro-V8 LED Video Lite gives all the light you need to bring out the ocean's true colors. The Pro-V8 features a warm, even 45 beam over 10-hour burn time. The flex arm allows the light to be repositioned effortlessly.

Ready to Use Package Deal includes :-

Compact Video Housing with JVC Picsio GC-FM1 Video Camera
Pro-V8 LED includes Pro-V8 lite head, alkaline batteries, flex arm and video housing handle mount
Video Compact Tray
Comes with carrying bag (black)


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I know this is an old post but any chance this is still available ? I would love to purchase.

Aloha, Rita Ganz


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