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Best housing for Canon 5D M2 for video

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I have started researching camera housings for underwater video for my Canon 5D M2. Pricewise there seem to be two tiers.


First tier

Sea Cam (over my budget)

Aquatica(seems like good value/build quality)

Sea and Sea




Second Tier




and Nimar


Are there any recommendations for any of these brands? I am looking to purchase the housing used.

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You may be better off to get a 5Dmk3 before investing in the housings. Most 5Dmk2 housings were not built with video use in mind.


I have had both Nauticam and Aquatica for my 5Dmk3 and can recommend both. However the record lever on the Nauticam was better placed for my hands.

I do not think Nauticam has a 5Dmk2 housing.




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I used to shoot my 5Dmk II in a Subal housing. Never had any problems with it. Good solid housing.

Keep an eye out in the Wet Pixel classifieds... I sold my Subal housing there earlier this year. Maybe someone else will post theirs soon.


When I upgraded to the 5Dmk III I ended up getting a Nauticam housing because I really liked the build quality and the ergonomics for shooting video.

It just seemed well thought out and well made.


If you're remotely considering moving up to the 5D mk III before buying a housing, here's an article that talks about the key differences between 5D mk II and 5D mk III for underwater video.




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If you're shooting strictly video (primarily), I'd say invest in a 7D and housing. These cameras now have autofocus when shooting video (with the correct lens). Ikelite housing is best bang for the buck.

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