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Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Camera and Seacam Housing for Sale

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I have my underwater photo equipment for sale. It means SeaCam housing with a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III camera (body only) and lots of other stuff. It means altogether:
- Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Camera (body only) with manual, dual charger, 2* batteries, camera strap in original package
- Seacam Silver housing
- S45 sportsfinder with neoprencap
- S180 sportsfinder with neoprencap
- FP fisheyeport
- SD superdome with optical coating and neoprencap
- P120 macroport with optical coating
- PVL 25 portextension
- PVL 55 portextension
- PVL 70 portextension
- Diopter 77
- Wet diopter set (1 and 2 in a bag)
- Zoom lens gear CANON EF II for EF 16-35
- Zoom lens gear CANON EF II for EF 24-70
- 2* Seaflash 150 digital with battery and neoprencover
- 2* spare battery
- tripod set (underwater)
- remote socket, remote control release, 3m shutter cable
- 2* flash arm 50/150/300/M8/bag
- service kit (O-ring set Seacam Seaflash 150D, 2*Mounting set seacam sportsfinder, O ring set Seacam Canon EOS1D)
I used them during only three diving trips. It means appr. 70 dives altogether. In 2011 I sent all of the equipment back to SeaCam for a full service (changing O-rings, etc). When I got it back I couldn't go to dive. So it seems as a brand new at the moment as you can see on the photos. I can send an Excel sheet contains all of the parts of my equipment if you are interested in.
I would like to get only about 55% of the original price which is 13,975EUR or 11,501GBP or 19,230USD (shipping, insurance is not included). I attached a few photos of them but I could send you more if you need it. Some photos as a reference took by this equipment: http://seacam.com/en/focus/references/europe/istvan-juhasz
I will ship the package from Hungary where my company is the Seacam distributor.










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