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FS: Ikelite SLR (camera, housing, strobes, lens, backpack)

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For Sale: Nikon D80/Ikelite system components. I'm selling the entire system pieced out or as a whole. it has been fantastic but due to the limited amount of time I can use it, I've decided to part with it. I have 3 kids that are getting ready to start diving with me and I will need to be more focused on them as partners vs having my head behind the view port. I have approx. 24 dives total on this system. Everything is lightly used and in 9/10 condition. The only exception is the camera itself which is used topside as well although it is still in perfect working order. There are no scratches on the ports, lens. The system has never had a drop of water in it. Here are the components for sale:


Camera and Housing: ($500)

  • Nikon D80 camera. Camera includes battery and charger.
  • Ikelite 6808.1 housing.
  • 2 handle tray
  • O-rings for backplate
  • Housing manual

Ikelite Port Components: ($80)

  • Ikelite flat port 5502.41
  • Ikelite zoom sleeve 9059.8 (NIB)
  • Ikelite zoom clamp/sleeve 5509.28 (NIB)
  • Foam cover for port

Two Ikelite 1.25" balls with extended stem mount: ($35 for the pair)


Stix adjustable bouancy port float system: ($25)


Two Ikelite DS160 Strobes. ($500 each)


Ikelite digital TTL dual sync cord: ($90)


Ikelite charger for strobes: ($70)


Two 6" Stix arms with high bouancy floats: ($35 for the pair)


One ultralight triple clamp, three ultralight double clamps: ($80 for the set)


Nikon 60mm f/2.8 Lens: ($350). The lens was bought new and NOT a grey market lens. I may have 500 shots with it and it is in perfect condition.


Think Tank Airport Accelorator backpack: ($180) The bag is in great condition. The only thing missing is the spare separator inserts that aren't currently in the bag. I've looked but simply can't find them. I can provide pictures of the separators that I have if requested.


I will accept paypal payment only and prefer to ship within the US. Costs listed are for the components. I will negotiate shipment with the buyer based on what he/she is purchasing. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions.











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I'd be interested in evrything but the bag. Shipped to Ohio, paid by PayPal. What kind of a deal can we work out?

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Several components are sold. I'll relist the remaining components separately. Please don't respond to this topic as all remaining items will be reposted.


Thank you

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