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Ikelite Nikon D80 Housing. Flat Port. Buy either or both.

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The housing and port are both in fantastic condition. No scratches or problems of any kind. This would be a great way to get into UW SLR photography on a budget (if that is possible). D80 cameras can be found readily on Ebay. I have one myself but am not planning on selling it at this time. I purchased all of this new and have personally dove with it for each of the 26 dives or so that they have been on. That is all the use these have had. Stored in a padded backpack when not in use. I included the picture of the full system so you can see the tray handle that will come with the housing.


I accept paypal only please. These prices are the price of it shipped within the US. I prefer to ship only to the US at this time.


Housing: ($300)
Ikelite 6808.1 housing (fits Nikon D80 camera).
2 handle tray
O-rings for backplate
Housing manual



Ikelite Port Components: ($80)

  • Ikelite flat port 5502.41
  • Ikelite zoom sleeve 9059.8 (NIB)
  • Ikelite zoom clamp/sleeve 5509.28 (NIB)
  • Foam cover for port







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Please note that I have added these to Ebay to cast my net a bit broader. The offer above still stands as long as I get it before a bid comes through. The housing is actually a buy it now so the offer is good on the housing until it sells either here or on Ebay. It is a bit cheaper here though as it has free shipping.


The port is an auction so once I get a bid, i have to complete the transaction through Ebay. the auction number is: 291104703956. Thanks for looking.

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