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FOR SALE Little used boxed Oly E-PM!, 14-42mm zoom lens, Oly housing and dual tray and handles

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The E-PM1 is one of Olympus' acclaimed PEN series of micro four thirds mirrorless system cameras. It comes with everything that was in the box (battery, charger, usb cable, software, English instructions etc) and the kit zoom lens. It takes excellent stills and HD video.
See here for details and specifications:http://www.olympus.se/site/sv/c/cameras/pen_cameras/pen_mini/e_pm1/e_pm1_specifications.html
The housing is guaranteed to 45 metres and is very rugged and provides access to all important camera controls. A zoom ring is included, allowing you to take everything from moderate wide angle to close-up stills and video with the 14-42mm zoom lens, which has good optics.
The port is also compatible with the wonderful M Zuico 60mm ED f1.8 ED Macro lens (not included).
The package includes a base-plate with dual grips and 1" ball mounts.

I am asking $560 plus shipping (at cost) for everything.

E-mail me at john.gulliver(at)ebox.tninet.se if you would like to see photos.

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NB Sweden is a member of the EU. Buyers in other EU countries do not have to pay duty or taxes.

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