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Video lights 35/50 HID

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Great price for powerful lights

1900$ (for the complete set)


Great lights to be held by your lighting diver.


Amphibico Discovery G3 Lights 35-50Watt 12 volt Arc Lamp adjustable HID’s (High Intensity Discharge)
· x2 Detachable Video Light Diffusers
· x2 Batteries Charger
· x2 Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery 14.8V 5000mAh
· x2 - 35/50 watt, 12 volt Arc lamp with Electronic Ballast

The Discovery G3 PRO video light. It provides the underwater videographer with an even lighting coverage and a constant output light temperature. One of the best light quality

Discovery G3 PRO have two levels of power:
o 35 Watt with a run time of 1h40
o 50 Watt with a run time 1h00




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