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Help me improve this image

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This is a pic of one of the wrecks of the Daedalus reef in the Red Sea. I'd love to get some pointers on how to improve it. One of the problem I have is that I introduced noise in the water when I used the channel mixer to add back some reds.


The picture was taken with the Sony RX100ii in a Nauticam housing.


My best effort:





Original JPG straight from the camera:



And a link to the RAW file here: http://jdelage.public.s3.amazonaws.com/Sharing/DSC00324.dng


Thank you,



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since you have the raw, I would say avoid the channel mixer. Multiple ways to skin the cat. I did this quickly in Lightroom 5



Exposure +1.29

Temp: 20787

Tint: +150

Highlights -100,

Shadows +100,

Whites +24

Blacks -60

Clarity +17


Saturation - to taste - strong agrument to leave it a little "blue" given that is what we see underwater and what the viewer might expect it to look like.

Reds: +81

Greens: -73

Aqua: -39

Blues: -9


noise reduction

Luminance: +50

Color: +25

Sharpening +50

Masking: 90


and the spot healing brush on the diver and fish (Photoshop would have done a better job)




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