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albert kok

Ikelite housings: fiber optical or electrical?

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Strobes fired via fiber optic cables transmit light from the camera built-in flash to the external strobes via a slave system. Ikelite DSLR housings for the Nikon SLR camera’s however have an electrical TTL circuit connected with the hot shoe that transmits the electrical signal via a bulk-head and sync cables to their strobes.

In these housings the built in pop-up flash cannot be used to trigger a fiber cable. The housing just doesn’t allow the flash to pop-up. Ikelite does sell an optical adapter that fires any of their strobes for housings fitted with fiber optic cables. But not for their own housings. Sea and Sea new MDX –D7100 housing does have this possibility for the Nikon D7100. I wonder if Ikelite could not follow the same strategy? And offer their clients a (future) DSLR housing that permits both optical and cable bulkheads. What you need first, is a small extension of top of the housing that doesn’t block the pop-up flash anymore..

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