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Complete Sony DSC RX100 Mark II setup, ready to shoot!!

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post-46973-0-06698800-1401466521_thumb.jpgpost-46973-0-64545000-1401466546_thumb.jpgpost-46973-0-93809400-1401466746_thumb.jpgpost-46973-0-34823400-1401466548_thumb.jpgpost-46973-0-71729200-1401466747_thumb.jpgHi, I’m selling my RX100M2 setup, with everything needed for all kinds of underwater photography from macro to wide-angle. The entire package was purchased brand new from Bluewater in January 2014, and has been used on 3 trips, for a total of no more than 18 days of diving. Everything is still under warranty, and is in like-new condition. The only sign of wear is minimal lightening of the dark coat along the edges of the ultralight arms.


Included are the following:


- Recsea RX100 II underwater housing

- YS-D1 Strobe Package

- UWL-04 Fisheye Lens

- Bluewater Macro Lens

- all necessary adapters

- Extra 8" Arm & Clamp


The package above retails for $2,644 (see http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/recsea-rx100II-ultimate-package).


In addition to the package, the following are included as well:


- Sony RX100 M2 camera (retail price $700)

- Quick adapt system, to allow for on-the-fly changing of wet lenses underwater, so one can go from shooting a tiny nudibranch to filling the frame with a 2,000 pound manta on the very same dive (retail price $160)

- Red filter for shallow water natural-light shooting (retail price $59)

- External battery charger and 2 extra batteries, more than enough for a full day and night of shooting without recharging (retail price about $120)

- 64 Gb type 10 memory card (retail price about $35)


The RX100 M2 has been rightly hailed as a major breakthrough in the compact camera arena both above and below water, largely due to its huge sensor packed into a tiny point-and-shoot body. Here are some useful reviews:




This entire setup retails for about $3,718. Considering the barely used condition, asking $3,100. I would like to sell as a package. I accept payment by PayPal only. Inquiries from serious potential buyers only, please. Pics of the rig below, if interested sample pics taken with this setup are available on request.

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post-46973-0-98428100-1402028859_thumb.jpgpost-46973-0-79512200-1402029387_thumb.jpgpost-46973-0-77655600-1402029995_thumb.jpgpost-46973-0-69976400-1402030096_thumb.jpgHi, all:


I'm bringing the price for this entire rig down to $2,900. For motivation, here are a few pics taken with this setup recently (a couple of wide angles and a couple of macros).


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Hi, Josh:


Yes indeed! If it's more convenient, please feel free to email me directly at benignor@gmail.com.

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Ok that's great thanks, I shall send you and email shortly.




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