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GoPro Flip 3 Nightsea Filter, MacroMate Mini and 55mm Adapter

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I scratched the original red filter on my GoPro Flip 3 filter beyond repair. So I purchased the new Flip 3.1 filter with the MacroMate Mini lens.


I have used the Macromate mini lens once and have decided that it is not for me, if I'm going to do macro I'm going to use my SLR.


So I have an original Flip 3 filter with Nightsea Filter (the filter is unused, unscratched and still wrapped in the protective paper.


I also have the MacroMate Mini lens and the 55mm threaded adapter.


After $50 for the Flip 3 plus the Nightsea filter.


After $90 for the MacroMate and Filter.


For people looking at getting both the MacroMate will only fit the Flip 3 if you buy a top flip.


Open to reasonable offers.


Postage free in Australia or US.




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