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Help needed! RX100 II and XZ-2 any reviews or advice please

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Hi, I just wanted to ask people on their thoughts between two camera systems as I am undecided (and struggling) on what to pick!

The first set up is a RX100 II, with recsea housing, YS-D1, UWL-04 Fisheye Lens, bluewater +7 macro lens.

The second is a XZ-2, Olympus housing, Z240, Inon wide angle and dome port. (maybe an Inon macro lens as well).

If it helps my main subjects will be sharks as I am going to a shark research station. I will use the camera mostly on boats and snorkeling on the surface, freediving with the camera and the occasional dive. I do also enjoy macro photography and that's why I've included the macro lenses.

Also I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend any insurance company's as I will be away for just under 5 months and want to cover any camera gear, my laptop, etc.

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