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RX100 Complete setup

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Amazing setup that I am reluctant to sell but I need the money for med school.


This is the Nauticam housing with Sony RX100, 2 YS-D1 strobes, sola 800 photo focus/video light, and wide angle and 2 macro lenses, and more.


Only used for 7 dives by a dive instructor and underwater photo instructor and meticulous care taken of it; thoroughly washed each time ....I would like to sell the complete setup but would considering selling it in pieces.


This is a breakdown of how much it cost:


Sony rx100. $560 (2 batteries and 1 plug in charger 1 wall charger and 1 car charger)

Sony rx100 nauitcam housing w/ leak detector $950

2- sea and sea ys-d1 strobes $699 each - $1398

light and motion sola 800 photo light $599

Wide angle 110 lens (wet mount ) 67mm $450

One 77mm macro +7 lens with 67 mm adapter $189

One 67mm macro lens $189 (both are wet mount)

One ultralight dual handle tray $170

Four - 8 inch ultralight arms $48 each-- $192

Two - 5 inch ultralight arms $ 48 each - $96

Seven - ultralight clamps $28 each $196

One long clamp $35

One double lens holder $90

One 67 mm flip adapter $120

Four arm floats $35

12 Sanyo envelop batteries and charger .. Total $45

2 -- 32 gb memory cards $120

1-- 64 Micro ad card $ 80

2 - ys mount strobe adapters (ultralight) $60

1 - ultralight cold shoe mount $ 30

1- ultralight neck ball adapter $35

2- fiber optic cables .. $158


A total of $5687.00


It comes with a custom handle and a cleaning kit , extra strobe diffusers and grease.


$4500 obo.


Free shipping in the continental US.


International shipping at buyer's expense.



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I'm looking for a 67mm flip mount for my NEX system.


Is your's still available and what would you want for the flip mount?


Type and manufacturer please.


Hope you made it into med school without needing to sell your rig :-)





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Hi - any of this still available? I'm in need of a housing, but need one for RX100ii, but also need strobes and lenses. thanks,



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