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Hugyfot 5DMKII Housing, 2 Domes, 1 Macro Port, 3 Extensions, Heinrich TTL, Hugycheck

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Price Reduced: $2300 (certified trackable shipping included)

Original cost was $6,200.

I am selling a full kit for Hugyfot 5DII housing, 2 x 8" dome ports (product number 6.608), 1 x Hugyfot Macro port, extensions 20mm, 40mm, 50mm, Zoom Gear.

Also the Hugycheck system, which is a Vacuum Leak Detector so you can pump down the housing before you dive and it will tell you before you even get in the water if you have a good seal.

Heinrich TTL circuitry (an optional upgrade I took up), makes macro a breeze, absolutely love it.

I also have spare backup TTL flash Controller Board, and Spare Canon Flash Shoe (i.e. spares so that if I ever had a problem on a trip I could replace things and keep going, but I never had a problem, so these are still in their packaging.)

The housing ships with the 2 sync ports (1 new).

I have really enjoyed using this housing it has been reliable, and easy to use.

I have been careful to wash everything thoroughly after each use and it is all good, everything works. (A demonstration could be arranged for an interested buyer)

The first dome is near perfect, the second backup dome has some small scratches in the middle which could be polished out, and a deeper scratch about 2mm long on the side of the dome. Basically I used the second dome as an excellent backup as is, and for someone who wanted to they could make it even better.

The flat port is also close to perfect (see images below).

This is an adaptable collection of accessories to use many different lenses, I have used Canon fisheye 15mm, Canon 14mm, 16-35MKI, 16-35mkII, 100mm macro...etc

List of inclusions:

2 x 8" Hugyfot domes (product number 6.608, including neoprene dome covers)

1 x Hugyfot flat macro port

3 x Hugyfot Extensions- 1 x Hugyfot 20mm extension, 1 x Hugyfot 40mm extension, 1 x Hugyfot 50mm extension

1 x Zoom gear

1 x Spare 6.627 TTL Flash Controller (unused)

1 x Spare 6.791 Flash Canon Flash Shoe (unused)

1 x Plastic spanner for lock nuts on handles,

1 x Spare Housing O-ring

1 x Spare Port O-ring

1 x Leak alarm

1 x Hugycheck pump (very slow, so I also include simeple hand pump which is simpler)

1 x hugycheck system (hold pressure check system)

2 x allen keys

1 x single hand Hugyfot grip

1 x cover for housing port

3 x port covers (as per images)

(Not Lithium batteries if post by air.)

This is a really well designed system, and this package includes plenty of spares and options (which cost a lot more off the shelf).

Even if you are getting a different Hugyfot system the cost of the accessories new will exceed the cost of what I am offering here.







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