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Canon 7D with Aquatica Housing, 3 lenses, 4 domes and more. Need smaller system!

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I am selling a Aquatica A7D housing with pretty much everything you need to shoot wide angle, macro, and super macro photography. Everything is in good working condition. Here are some pictures of the items with a description of any imperfections. This was listed earlier in April on the original owners site but pulled because of time frame. Needed a camera to shoot on trip to Philippines. Still love the set-up. Pics are fabulous but at my age just can't handle the big rig anymore. I am looking to downsize to a small mirror-less system. The description and photos are from the original posting. Nothing has changed. Gear in same condition. Attached pics of everything but housing. For some reason, I could not get that to upload. Am happy to send you pic by email. Also only one light being sold as original owner only sent me back one of the two.

1) Aquatica A7D- Housing is in good working condition with some minor fading of printing where the buttons are. The viewfinder has a small chip on the inside, but nothing that blocks the viewfinder in the camera.

2) Macro Port- Used for 60mm & 100mm lenses. Good working condition. The port has some minor abrasions where the MacroMate sits but nothing in the center that would optically effect a picture.

3) Macro Mate Flip Lens- Good working condition with nothing effecting image quality. Used for super macro photography

4) Aquatica 28.5 Ext Ring- Used for 100mm lenses. Minor scratches

5) Xit 404 tripod plate- Used with tripod legs to steady the housing with macro, super macro shooting, wide angle video work. Scratches but noting effecting its performance.

6) Stix Custom Buoyancy Float- Used to help offset the weight of the housing. Good working condition.

7) Xit 404 Red Focus Knob- Used to help control focus with your finger tips and to help people with smaller hands. Good working condition

8) Aquatica 9.25 Inch Mega Dome- Used with Tokina 10-17mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Canon16-35mm, Canon 17-40mm, Canon 8-15mm and other lens. The dome has some small abrasions on the sides of the dome. Nothing that I can find in my pictures. There is a water stain that is hard to see. Its 1mm big towards the front of the dome. It has not effected any of my pictures. It can sometimes effect video if you are pointed towards the sun, in which most particles will become illuminated at that point anyway.

9) 6 inch Aquatica Acrylic Dome- was used as a backup dome. there is a small knick on the dome that can be rotated to the bottom of the housing and should not effect anything. It has not effected any of my pictures.

10) 4 inch Aquatica Glass mini dome- Works great for close focus wide angle shots that are in tight spaces. Perfect condition.

11) Aquatica 16.5mm Ext Ring- Used for all 3 domes with 10-17mm, 8-15mm. Good working condition with surface scratches.

12) Aquatica 54.5mm Ext Ring- Used with 16-35mm, 11-20mm, 17-40mm, 100mm+1.4tele., 8-15mm+1.4tele.

13) Covers for all dome and ports

14) Xit 404 Manta Aquatica Gear- used with interchangeable xit 404 focusing rings

15) Aquatica Tokina 10-17mm Gear

16) Aquatica Canon 60mm Gear

17) Aquatica Canon 8-15mm Gear

18) Aquatica Tokina 11-16mm Gear

19) Aquatica Canon 16-35mm, 17-40mm Gear

20) Fisheye 1000 with batterie and charger and handle.

21)Ultralight Sea & Sea adapter

22) Backscatter Airlock system-New. Used to vacuum seal the housing.

23) Sea & Sea Sync Cords.

24)Canon 7d body with 2 Batteries and Charger

25) Canon 60mm Lens Excellent cond

26) Tokina 10-17mm Lens Excellent cond. small dent on hood. does not affect anything.

27) Tokina 11-22mm Lens Excellent cond

Retail prices:

Aquatica A7D Underwater Housing $3,015.00

Aquatica Mega Dome Glass 9.25 $1,675.00

Aquatica 6inch Dome Port $310.00

Aquatica 4inch Dome Port $699.00

Aquatica Extension Ring 16.5mm, .65 $222.00

Aquatica Extension Ring 54.5mm, 2.135 $285.00

Aquatica Extension Ring 28.5mm ,3.25 $285.00

Aquatica Tokina 10-17mm Gear $135.00

Aquatica Canon 60mm Gear $103.00

Aquatica Canon 8-15mm Gear $137.00

Aquatica Tokina 11-16mm Gear $137.00

Aquatica Zoom Gear: Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 LII

Canon 17-40mm f/4 L USM $131.00

Xit 404 Manta Aquatica Gear $150.00

Aquatica Flat Port for Macro $482.00

Aquatica Rear Port Cap x2 $133.00

MacroMate Flip Lens for Aquatica Flat Port $599.00

Xit 404 DSLR Housing Tripod $200.00

Xit 404 Focus Knob $45.00

Fisheye LED 1000 video light $599.00

Ultralight Sea & Sea adapter $22.00

Sea & Sea Sync (2) Cords $200.00

Backscatter Air Lock System $400.00

Canon 7d with battery and charger $1,600.00

Extra Battery $100

Tokina 10-17mm $669.00

Canon 60mm $440.00

Tokina 11-16mm $550.00

Retail approx $15,000.00 without tax

I am asking $5500.00 for everything. Will pay shipping to anywhere in USA.








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Hi will you sell MacroMate Flip Lens for Aquatica Flat Port separately?



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Will you consider selling everything except the camera body, camera accessory, and the three lenses? I already own all of that except for the Aquatica setup? Thank you.

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