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Nexus M5 Ports and Focus Gear for 60mm & 105mm Macro Lenses

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Nexus Ports, Extensions and Focus Gear for Nikon 60mm & 105mm Macro Lenses, details, part numbers etc below. Currently located in Australia, willing to ship anywhere at purchasers cost. Selling separately and bundled together with ports, extensions and focus gear for particular lenses. Great condition, absolutely no scratches or blemishes on port, maybe minor external marks but none affecting optics.


Please email info@migrationmedia.com.au or within Australia 0481276316 for further details and shipping cost. Asking prices in Australian $, RRP's in US$. Selling the whole lot for $200. See Anthis Nexus website for full product details www.anthisnexus.com.


Photos show complete setups to fits both Nikon 60mm lenses and other fits new and old Nikon 105mm. Other extensions can be added to fit other lenses. Also have for sale Nikon AF105mm 2.8D for sale.




Front Port FRP105M Part No: 16343 (RRP $266) Asking $100 for complete Nikon 105mm Setup including Multi-Extension MEF83M-5 and focus gear below


Front Port FRP60 Part No: 13306 (RRP $191) Asking $100 for complete Nikon 60mm setup with port extensions and focus gear below


Port Extensions


Port Extension 20mm PE20-7 Part No: 18316 (RRP $164)


Port Extension 10mm PE10-5 Part No: 18317 (RRP $164)


Port Extension 30mm PE40-5 Part Mo:18336 (RRP $164)


Port Multi-Extension MEF83M-5 Part No: 16342 (RRP $695)




Focus Gear NAFM60F28 Part No: 28377 (RRP $164)


Focus Gear MP105MF Part No: 28303 (RRP $164)


Focus Gear NAFM105F28 Part No: 28310 (RRP $164)




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still for sale. will take $200 for all ports, zoom gears & extensions. provide for use of Nikon 60mm & 105mm macro lenses with Nexus housings.

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